Earlier this year, we provided the flowers for a workshop attended by a room choc full of photographers from all around the country. The workshop was the ‘Day Dusk Dark’ workshop and it was designed by Jamie Sia, Shelley Richmond and Jenny McCord.

Jamie, a wedding photographer, Shelley, a portrait photographer, and Jenny, a music photographer, came together because they all have a passion for shooting in low light but each does so very differently.

Photography by Ana Luisa

It was inspiring to observe everyone coming together to acquire new skills. They also shared their knowledge with one another and were strengthening what already seems to be a  strong, supportive, community. Believe us when we say that those that attended are all, already, ridiculously talented. But they all wanted to learn more. We love that.

Photography by Charlie Flounders

A great day was had by all and we would urge anyone interested in acquiring more photography skills to attend the course which Jamie, Jenny and Shelley are intending to run again this year.

Photography by Denise Rimmer

What we loved most was seeing the images that each of the attendees captured. They work in varying disciplines of the field and so brought their own individual points of view to the table. And whilst everyone had the same material to shoot, they all ‘saw’ different things. The results are fascinatingly varied.

We hope you enjoy.

Photography by Emma Graystone

Models: @alicethecamera and @louisevineeta // HMUA: Jennifer // Dresses: Wilden London // Suppliers: Occasion Queens // Glassware: Monti by Monti // Stationery: Dimitria Jordan // Venue: Tooting Tram

Photography by Fiona Kelly


Photography by Jenny McCord


Photography by Josh Holgate


Photography by Kitty Wheeler Shaw


Photography by Louise McDermott


Photography by Naomi McDouall


Photography by Oobaloos


Photography by Shelley Richmond


Photography by Tara Gillen


Photography by Tim Dunk


Photography by Yasmine Nadine

‘In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated’  –
August Sander (1876 – 1964) – Portrait and Documentary Photographer